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Project completion! First paper from PhD

13 minute read

Today the first paper from work done during my PhD was put up on arXiv. I’ve given several talks about this project before and wrote a Twitter thread in the ...

One year in: some updates

2 minute read

We’re now at the end of the academic year, which means that I’ve been doing my PhD for about 9 months now. I’ve just submitted my annual approval document wh...

New position: Writing for Astrobites

1 minute read

Starting this year, I will be writing for Astrobites, a collaboration of graudate students in astronomy around the world who write about current research in ...

First paper! (summary)

2 minute read

This is a bit late, but my first paper has appeared on arXiv! This paper is based on work I did while at Oxford in the summer of 2018 (back when we were all ...

Introductory post

1 minute read

Hello! This is my first blog post, here just to test the functionality of this website. I am planning on adding more here as I go, but transitioning between ...