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One year in: some updates

2 minute read

We’re now at the end of the academic year, which means that I’ve been doing my PhD for about 9 months now. I’ve just submitted my annual approval document wh...

New position: Writing for Astrobites

1 minute read

Starting this year, I will be writing for Astrobites, a collaboration of graudate students in astronomy around the world who write about current research in ...

First paper! (summary)

2 minute read

This is a bit late, but my first paper has appeared on arXiv! This paper is based on work I did while at Oxford in the summer of 2018 (back when we were all ...

Introductory post

1 minute read

Hello! This is my first blog post, here just to test the functionality of this website. I am planning on adding more here as I go, but transitioning between ...