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Turns out that maintaining a website during a pandemic while remotely working on a PhD is hard. There are two reasonably big updates from the last month I should include here. The first is that my first Astrobites article is now public!. This article is based on work by a Master’s student Olof Nebrin and others at Stockholm University on constraining the mass of a fuzzy dark matter particle using the (non)-detection of a 21-cm signal from the EDGEs experiment. I had a lot of fun reading this paper and writing my article, and am looking forward to writing more with Astrobites.

The second update is that I gave my first scientific talk on my PhD work at the STFC “Summer” School for New Students in Astronomy. You can look at the slides from that talk or read my Twitter thread for details of the talk. This talk focused on motivating the main statistic I’m currently working with, the matter PDF, as an interesting and complementary statistic to consider in addition to traditional 2 point statistics.