Ideas for writing (future things)

  1. Role of approximations in physics
  2. Dimensional analysis
  3. Typical/natural scales and solving hard problems
  4. Story telling and the physical world
  5. Statistics: errors. What do error bars actually mean? Distributions, small samples, cosmic variance, people are bad at assessing problems that aren’t (100, 50, 0)%. How error propogation works for different functions (linear algebra)
  6. Why astro? Everything that we learn in our course is actually true and how we know
  7. Guide to stargazing
  8. My route through undergrad, how my interests have changed/surprised me
  9. Guide to letters
  10. What I’m interested in is the process of how stuff gets done, the process behind art and behind science and building. This is a kind of story telling. In the arts I feel like the appreciation for this process is there, but is seldom explicit
  11. Mental light pollution - idea to write about. So many things in modern life that it blocks out the “sky of your mind”, not appreciating the role of the moon, why astronomy is important, why do astro
  12. stats. How many cards do I have to show you before you start getting suspicious that the deck is all red? How many times to roll the die before you think it’s rigged. Bayes lets you answer questions that freq doesn’t (what’s prob of a biased coin showing heads).
  13. Stats: motivation for normal distribution and CLT
  14. How do we know? A series of essays about how we know what we know about the natural world. How would we rediscover/reseablish what we know if we lost it all?
  15. Series: Summer research at Oxford (CMB stuff); Dissertation stuff (history of isotropy)
  16. Introduction to manifolds and gravity
  17. Constant speed of light: as a hinderance (horizons) and as a help (time machines and evolution).
  18. Book report on To Be Taught if Fortunate
  19. Series on AMA questions from Cosmofromhome
  20. Series of each year of courses in undergrad.
  21. The talk I gave to Newcastle Astronomical Society
  22. Series of “extended astrobites”

Questions from LS students after talk

  1. What is a BH?
  2. EHT, M87, SagA*
  3. How do we know what time different things happen in the early universe?
  4. How do we know that other things don’t cause microwaves we see in the CMB (foregrounds and my summer project)
  5. Upper limit on BH mass?
  6. What happened before BB/what’s outside the universe?
  7. Fate of the universe
  8. Aliens and astrobiology
  9. How do people in your field deal with the fact that you’ll never have all the answers?