headshot I’m a second year PhD student at Newcastle University. Formally my PhD is in mathematics, but at heart I’m a physicist, and my research is focused on understanding the large scale structure of the Universe. In particular I study dark matter dynamics in the non-linear regime, and work on using and developing new statistical techniques for extracting cosmological information. I work in both the theoretical cosmology and observational astronomy groups at Newcastle with my supervisor Cora Uhlemann.

I received both my bachelors degree (physics) and master’s degree (theoretical and mathematical physics) from Oxford University in 2020. During my master’s I took courses on general relativity, cosmology, quantum field theory, galactic dynamics, radiative processes, group theory, and differential geometry.

I’m also interested in education, both of science and more generally. I enjoy teaching and writing, and have experience working directly with both students and the public. I’m interested in science as a human endeavour, and how the communication of science can benefit from and interface with different media such as storytelling and art. I write about things that interest me in my blog.

I’m also interested in photography and Taekwon-do. In future I may showcase some of those things on this website as well. Unless otherwise credited all photos/diagrams on this website are by me.